Michele Cassata (eng)


After having studied the piano at the Music Conservatory “Vincenzo Bellini” in Palermo, he dedicated himself to the knowledge and development of old gold, silver and silk spun embroidery techniques due to his passion for textiles, attending embroidery classes in Sicily to further his knowledge.

This interest in textiles soon developed into a full time occupation, so that in the year 2000 he had the idea of establishing his own studio in Ciminna - his home town in Sicily.

The main aim of his craftwork is the restoration of old paraments (ecclesiastical vestment or decorative hangings), and the realisation of new ones.

The paraments are made on precious fabrics or on golden nets following the oldest techniques, which consisted in the reconstruction of silver, gold, silk, coral and hard stones embroidery as it used to be in the past centuries.

In his studio you can find: looms, brossole, reels of different golden threads, precious fabrics on which artistic and rich embroideries are applied and, finally, all the necessary equipment for his craftwork.

The special feature of this kind of handicraft is to invent new patterns, building upon those patterns used for many centuries and creating contemporary design which reflect the modern world whilst using the same craftsman’s techniques. In each item the personal touch shines through whether it is a new mitre, chasuble or stole being created with the greatest of care and delicacy.